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Welcome to Bickers Sāmoa, we are currently updating this website, so please be patient.

Most of the resources we have are free to the public. We do not have any interest in Politics, we're not affiliated with any particular religion or academic institution, and we're not interested in becoming involved with anyone elses agenda. Our only interests at this point are digitising the Samoan Language and creating computer based resources for it.

Our software is in use in 11 Government Ministries in Sāmoa, including the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication. We also donated software to their Community Programme and it is now being utilized in villages around Sāmoa.

Ua ‘ou tu‘u‘esea ‘upu palauvale, ‘āfai ‘e te fia iloa sipela, fa‘alafi muamua le sapelu ona fesili ai lea i ou mātua.

Our work was profiled on the Samoan News….http://youtu.be/U2sgCe2DFjk


Samoan Language Toolkit for MS Office

This software package makes typing in Samoan a lot easier by giving you all the basic correction features that are already available for English and some others especially made for the Samoan Language. An extremely useful resource package which seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. Most of us use the English version every day, our Samoan version works in much the same way but has added features specific to Samoan.

Fa‘amamafa (macrons) are normally time consuming to insert, with this software most fa'amamafa are automatically produced for you as you type. We have also made it much easier to type the fa'amamafa by making it an intuitive process rather than the symbol insertion that is used by Microsoft. The normal things like Capitalizing country names Niu Sila, Ausetālia, Egelani, Falani. Village names Safotu, Apia, Salelologa. Personal names Mālia, Ioane. Days of the week, months. Biblical names Iesū, Apera'amo, Esekielu, Keriso . everything the English version does.

This is what it normally looks like when you type even a simple letter in Samoan, red lines all over the place, so you have no idea if you're spelling correctly or not

This is what it looks like after using the toolkit

Basically we have made it much more efficient to communicate in Samoan, there's nothing new about the concept most languages did this ten years ago.

Currently we have a toolkit for Microsoft Office 2007 and later for All versions of Windows. We can make them for Mac OS but costs need to be covered as Mac OS needs a special installer for each Office version.
Several Adobe products such as Adobe Professional, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and some others.

Spellcheck , diacritics etc for Adobe products (much the same as the MS Office version)

Spellcheck and diacritics for Open Office  (much the same as the MS Office version)

All language software with the exception of the Facebook interface was funded by and developed solely by Chris Bickers who retains all rights.